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ABCs On The Move

A colorful and engaging children's book with delightful and unforgettable characters.

A progressive reader that teaches:
26 letters of the English alphabet,
26 different kinds of animals, and
26 different modes of transportation.

ABCs On The Move

  • "I gave my grandnephew a copy of ABCs—the book is now his favorite! His parents have had to read the book to him a kazillion times this weekend." - Deb Haggerty, Elk Lake Publishing


    "ABC's On The Move is a book that generates wonder and imagination. The reader finds himself trying to predict the animal, and most certainly the mode of transportation that will be on the next page. When reading it, the mind is forced to generate another inventive way to showcase the alphabet. And, the beautiful use of alliteration throughout the book makes it the perfect tool for introducing this literary concept to older students." - Felecia Spicer, Award winning teacher, and principal

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