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Brotherhood of Betrayal

A Family's Nightmare

Clay McCain, a high-profile American pastor serving in Stockholm, Sweden, mysteriously disappears. Who can his wife, Rachel, and her three young children turn to for help? Her Swedish friends? Her home church in the United States? Her mission board? Her relatives?

Rachel's eventual outreach of trust, alongside a shocking discovery, sets off an unexpected avalanche of betrayal that turns her world, her family, and her faith upside down.

Poignant in its emotion, and international in its setting, Brotherhood of Betrayal dramatically illustrates the hideousness of the betrayal syndrome that is sweeping through the body of Christ - personally and institutionally - assaulting and devastating families, friends, and churches.

The church should be a brotherhood of grace, a brotherhood of love.
But it's track record shows that, more often than not, it is a brotherhood of betrayal.

This is a story that touches us all. It may even be your story.

Brotherhood of Betrayal

  • The books I have read through the fastest in my adult life have come from the pen of Randall Arthur. I just finished reading "Betrayal" and was simply floored. - J.W.

    The most riveting and honest book about Christianity written. Timely, current and thought provoking. Left me stunned. I cried for a solid hour as I thought about the truth of this book. - I.P.

    ...rough and raw all the way down. This is without a doubt one of the most-real Christian fiction books out there. - C.F.

    I loved this book! I read it many years ago, it still stays with me. - D.S.T.

    'Brotherhood of Betrayal' left me: -angry at selfishness, cruelty and arrogance. -sorrowful at undeserved pain. -in tears at the kindness of a stranger. -surprised at it's end. - J.H.

    I have read few authors that gripped me the way Randall Arthur has in his three stories. I could not put any of them down. I cried and laughed and prayed my way through each of them. Though it has a been a good six months since I read them I am tearing up as I remember how God used them in my life. - M.M.

    Randall Arthur masterfully exposes the grief, doubt, and utter loneliness that accompanies life's unexpected tragedies. His skillful writing immerses the reader in each character's psychological struggles. Though the details of the story may be unique, every reader will connect personally with the spiritual warfare waged in the hearts and minds of Arthur's characters. - A.Q.

    Arthur does a superb job of expressing emotions in his characters. You can seriously feel and relate to their pain. Arthur must have had a background in the type of legalistic churches he writes about. He seems to know it all to well for an outsider. - Anonymous

    Randall has once again written a book that I could not put down. He is so gifted in writing. Randall challenges us to read between the lines and dare to change. Words cannot explain how wonderful and life changing this book is. - Anonymous

    I read prolifically. Brotherhood of Betrayal is absolutely the best book I have ever read, and that is the shared sentiment of others I’ve loaned the book to. - J.T.

    I have just turned the final page of BROTHERHOOD OF BETRAYAL, having read through solidly, neglecting all household chores! This is an amazing book. - G.H.

    It was so therapeutic to read Brotherhood of Betrayal. I was counseled to get a divorce, but since I read this book I could not do it. As a result, my husband finally came to brokenness and is now leading us spiritually. - P.W.

    Brotherhood of Betrayal was such a life impacting book. I sat in my clothes closet with the lights on (so my husband could sleep) till 3:00 A.M. the first time I read it. I’m a bookstore owner, and Brotherhood of Betrayal is my all time favorite work of fiction. - E.K.

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