Brotherhood of Betrayal

A Family's Nightmare

Clay McCain, a high-profile American pastor serving in Stockholm, Sweden, mysteriously disappears. Who can his wife, Rachel, and her three young children turn to for help? Her Swedish friends? Her home church in the United States? Her mission board? Her relatives?

Rachel's eventual outreach of trust, alongside a shocking discovery, sets off an unexpected avalanche of betrayal that turns her world, her family, and her faith upside down.

Poignant in its emotion, and international in its setting, Brotherhood of Betrayal dramatically illustrates the hideousness of the betrayal syndrome that is sweeping through the body of Christ - personally and institutionally - assaulting and devastating families, friends, and churches.

The church should be a brotherhood of grace, a brotherhood of love.
But it's track record shows that, more often than not, it is a brotherhood of betrayal.

This is a story that touches us all. It may even be your story.

Brotherhood of Betrayal