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Brotherhood of Betrayal

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Reviews for
A Quiet Roar- Randall's latest novel

"Praise for A QUIET ROAR. Mr. Arthur has a gift for drawing you into his story from the first page. A QUIET ROAR has made an impact on my life unlike any other book. It will continue in my heart and mind for a long time."


Jimmy Cochran -

author, and Henry Times columnist

"You had me on the tip of my toes from the start of the book till the end of the book. The book is bold, honest, educational, and inspiring."


Anna Strawn -

Junior, Auburn Univsersity

"I have read few stories that have pulled me in like A Quiet Roar. This is by far Arthur's most captivating story. It confronts the very cultural foundations of the North American church. This is a must read."


Dr. Butch Entrekin -

Community Bible Church

"A Quiet Roar is Randall Arthur's most powerful and timely book since Wisdom Hunter."


David Lambert -

Editorial Director at Somersault and editor of over 50 bestsellers

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All books purchased from the Randall Arthur website will be personally autographed by Randall

About The Author

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  The first edition - 1991

Randall and his wife have been career missionaries since 1975. They have planted churches in Oslo, Norway; Munich, Germany; and Berlin, Germany. In addition, Randall has coordinated and led over 100 short-term mission trips.

Randall is an Atlanta native. He became a believer at the age of 12, and surrendered his life to be a preacher and missionary at the age of 15.

Randall’s first novel, Wisdom Hunter, was penned in the late 1980’s. The volume was born, not out of a long held ambition to write a novel, but rather out of a therapeutic need to put into writing the painful lessons he learned as a young legalistic missionary in Norway.

The purpose of the book was to illustrate in a real-life drama the destructiveness of legalism in the body of Christ. The novel proved to be too controversial for Randall’s legalistic camp. The president of the mission agency with which Randall served demanded Randall’s resignation the very day he read the book.

Randall later wrote Jordan’s Crossing, Brotherhood of Betrayal, and Forgotten Road. These books were also born out of personal struggles and/or partial real-life experiences.

Randall’s goal as a writer is to rip the mask of pretense from American Christianity and present stories that portray true-to-life struggles, true-to-life thoughts, true-to-life reactions, and true-to-life journeys.

A Quiet Roar is his latest, and perhaps most controversial, offering.

Randall is currently working on his autobiography.

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